Privacy Policy


Power Securities Limited, as well as its subsidiaries, associates and affiliates (Collectively known as “Power Securities”) will observe the principles of personal data privacy protection and comply with the provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong) in adopting its policy and practices relating to the management of personal data. Personal data received by Power Securities will be treated by it as confidential information. Unless expressly stated or with prior consent, such personal data will not be disclosed to any third party outside of Power Securities. If personal data are provided by the User as directed by a web page in this Power Securities website (“this Site”), the personal data privacy policy of the party giving such direction shall apply to the personal data so provided.

Power Securities may need to collect certain personal information from you before opening an account for you or to provide any services to you. You may provide such relevant information only if you choose to do so. However, Power Securities reserves the right to refuse any account opening request or to provide any service to you if you choose not to provide such relevant information required b Power Securities.

In addition, Power Securities may use “cookies”, traffic logging or other website monitoring methodologies to collect your personal information through this Site. If you do not want to receive this Site’s Cookies, you can simply change your Internet browser’s setting to refuse recipient of such cookies, or configure your Internet browser to prompt each time when you receive such cookies, and choose to refuse recipient of such cookies. However, Power Securities does not guarantee that it can provide all of its services if you choose to refuse the recipient of such “cookies”.

權Power Securities reserves the right to keep all of your personal information that we obtain during the accounting opening process as well as information obtained after you have an account with us. This includes all the information that we obtain from you directly or through a third party. Also, Power Securities reserves the right to use your personal information for the following purposes:

(i) The management of your account and to provide you with all securities related services;
(ii) To comply with Power Securities' internal control and verification process;
(iii) To conduct credit analysis and other analysis to evaluate your financial well being and any other analyses that may assist Power Securities in analyzing your credit and financial situation;
(iv) To execute policies that are related to Power Securities and to execute any charge or guarantee with Power Securities being the beneficiaries of the said charge or guarantee;
(v) As part of Power Securities' business record;
(vi) For purposes that relate to Power Securities' business or securities trading; or
(vii) To comply with the laws, government or regulatory requirements, including any disclosure or notification requirements, of Hong Kong or any other jurisdiction

Moreover, Power Securities have the discretion to decide on the time period in which your personal data shall be retained by us.

Power Securities reserves the right to provide your personal information to the following person(s) (whether the person(s) reside in Hong Kong or not)

(i) Power Securities;
(ii) Service Providers of Power Securities, its subsidiaries, associates, and affiliates, which includes: administration, networking, computer, payment or securities clearing, nominee, custodian as well as any other agents, contractor or third party service providers of all other services;
(iii) Any Person(s) or Agent(s) acting for Power Securities to collect your personal information, or to transfer such information to any other person(s), or for any other persons(s) to collect information about you to facilitate any application or request for any convenience measures or services ; Since the person(s) collecting these information may not be living in Hong Kong, the person(s) may not be constrained by the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and therefore their usage of such data may not be subject to the restrictions of the said Ordinance;
(iv) Trustee(s) of any unit trust or any collective investment plan, registrar or custodian, or any insurance companies that work with Power Securities to provide you with any services, or any central securities depository or Registrar that holds securities on behalf of you;
(v) Credit rating agencies and finance companies (in the event of default);
(vi) Person(s) who deal with Power Securities in regards to the transfer of securities under your account being held by Power Securities; or any person(s), nominee, custodian as well as any other agents that provide you with services related to the above;
(vii) Any government or regulatory authorities required by law, regulations, court orders, or any person(s) appointed by any government or regulatory authorities that require Power Securities to disclose your personal information to such person(s).

Without prejudice to the provisions mentioned above, all of your personal information may be directed to any place outside of Hong Kong (whether it is for person(s) outside of Hong Kong for the purpose of processing, holding or using such information). Moreover, Power Securities may direct such information to any service providers of Power Securities, its subsidiaries, associates, and affiliates.

In accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you have the right to:

(i) Review your personal information held by Power Securities;
(ii) Request for access and amendment of the above information that are held by Power Securities;
(iii) Review Power Securities’ policy and practice on treatment of personal information, and to learn about the type of information being held by Power Securities; and
(iv) Learn about standard personal information that would be released to credit rating agencies or finance companies for your credit assessment purposes, as well as additional information that may be released to the credit rating agencies or finance companies for information verification purposes

Power Securities may charge a reasonable fee for any information processing request. You shall have the right to review and amend your personal information held by Power Securities. Such request for review and/or amendment should be addressed as below:

Power Securities Company Limited
Unit 1804, 18/F, Far East Finance Centre, 16 Harcourt Road, Admiralty, Hong Kong
3741 8000
2530 4054

To the extent permitted by law, Power Securities do not assume any obligation of confidentiality on any information submitted to us through this website. Nothing in this notice should limit your right(s) under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.